If you only read one paragraph, read the first one!

FIRST AND FOREMOST: I want you to know I am as awkward as you are (unless you aren't awkward, in which case I'm jealous). I'm an introvert, a goofball, and very much not perfect. If you're worried it might be uncomfortable having a stranger take your picture, well...it probably will be for a minute or two, not going to lie. But, we will just be awkward together until we inevitably end up feeling like we're spending an evening chillin' with a friend (because by the end of our session, that'll be a true statement)! After all is said & done, we will have bonded over laughs and bad jokes (usually made by one of my assistants) and the unexpected things I do & say to get you looking perfectly un-posed & beautiful (I'll do anything to get an incredible shot, you'll see!). By the end, you'll be having an actual blast, no lie. Happens every. dang. time!

When I'm not making pictures with my beloved Sony A7iii, you can find me decorating & re-decorating my home (I'm into the Southwestern modern boho vibe), bonding with my atypically intelligent & funny 12-year-old son/muse, playing board games with my fiancé/photography assistant, rollerblading like it's 1999, or creating a new Keto dish in the kitchen. I'm a Virgo, an insufferable perfectionist + lover of symmetry, and a pursuer of health & wellness. And, while I'm a sucker for a good adventure, (I'll be spending a week in Alaska traversing glaciers & mountains for my bday this year) deep down, I'm a consummate homebody and seeker of comfort. Gimme all the comfy nights at home.

Let's just do the dang thing. You will not regret it, for sure. There's a reason photographs are the #2 thing people grab in a house fire (right after children & pets) - don't let your best years pass without documenting and leaving something tangible behind for future generations. And you certainly don't want to find yourself in a house fire without any cherished photographs to grab on your way out!